Current Trends Embracing HPP

Clean Label

Labeling is expected to become more consistent and transparent, as retailers and restaurants will use sustainability and traceability to gain a marketing edge.[1]


Fresh fruit and vegetables sales grew 13% from 2008-13[2]. Consumers relate the word “fresh” with “healthy”. 30% of non C-store customers would be encouraged to shop CStores more frequently if there were “healthy” product offerings in store.[3]

Disruptive Innovation 

Frozen in a steady decline and shift to the cold case. HPP is enabling the “fresh” paradigm. Similar shift taking place from heat pasteurized and shelf stable to cold pressed and refrigerated.

HPP Growth 

Markets and Markets[4] calculates the global HPP products market is projected to increase from $5.01bn in 2012 to $12.08bn by 2018 (projecting $5.84bn in North America by 2018).

Demand for HPP Technology The global FOOD processing machinery market is witnessing increased demand for HPP technology due to its superiority in terms of the resultant microbiological quality of FOOD compared to conventional thermal pasteurization.

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